Power Outage in Benton, KY

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Benton Electric System
Report an Outage
(270) 527-3666
West Kentucky Rural Electric
Report an Outage
(270) 247-1321 Report Online
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Outage Map
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(800) 633-4044
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Outage Map
Marshall County REMC
Report an Outage
(866) 936-3161
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(800) 334-7661 Report Online
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Power restored in Cape Girardeau Share on Facebook Email This Link Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on LinkedIn

A power outage affecting more than 2,000 customers was reported in downtown Cape Girardeau shortly after 10 a.m. on Friday, October 7.

Oct 7, 2022

Power outages reported in the Heartland Share on Facebook Email This Link Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on LinkedIn

Utility companies in southeast Missouri and southern Illinois report hundreds were without power Thursday morning.

Aug 4, 2022

Thousands without power in the Heartland; storm damage reported Share on Facebook Email This Link Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on LinkedIn

Thousands of customers are without power as storms pushed through the Heartland Friday morning.

Jun 17, 2022

Winter storm brings ice, snow, power outages and flight cancellations - The Washington Post The Washington Post Comment on this story Wp ArrowRight GiftOutline Loading... Refresh

Storm, which unloaded heavy snow and ice from New Mexico to Maine, snarled traffic and cancelled thousands of flights.

Feb 4, 2022

Kentucky tornado damage: See path, damage, EF category by county

Several tornadoes ripped through the state overnight, leaving death and devastation around Kentucky, including Mayfield, which is in Graves county.

Dec 11, 2021

Tracking power outages in the Local 6 area | | WPSD Local 6

WPSD Local 6 is tracking power outages across the area.

Dec 11, 2021

National Weather Service Surveying Potential Tornado Damage, Power Outages Persist | WKMS

Update: TVA reports the Kentucky Hydro-Gilbertsville-Benton City-Murray 69KV line affecting the western Kentucky power outages was energized as of noon…

May 4, 2021

Planned outage in Benton canceled for July 1, substation repairs complete | | WPSD Local 6

Benton Electric System will have a planned power outage for all customers on June 29th, 30th, and July 1st from 11 p.m. until 4 a.m. each day.

Jul 1, 2020

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We r with out power at Lakeland arbor village in fairdealing ky

Misty | December 10, 2021  

Lakeland arbor village NO POWER

Misty | October 16, 2021  

Powe out

Tom Austin | June 06, 2020  

610 Ilive St. No power

Terry Smith | February 15, 2020  

2804 falcon ct Benton No Power

Erin Oswald | December 03, 2018  

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Power Outage FAQs

What is Power Outage?

Power outage (also called a power cut, a power blackout, power failure or a blackout) is a short-term or a long-term loss of the electric power to a particular area.

What Causes Power Outages?

  • Severe weather (high winds, lightning, winter storms, heat waves, rain or flooding can cause damage to power lines or equipment);
  • Other damage to electric transmission lines (vehicle accidents, trees, and animals can cause damage to power lines or equipment);
  • Repairing, maintenance or upgrades on power lines and equipment.

What are the Top Outage Safety Tips?

  • Stay away from the downed power lines, park vehicles in protected areas;
  • Unplug appliances and electronics, limit cell phone use to conserve battery life;
  • Use portable generators outdoors only, well away from open windows and doors;
  • Pack perishable foods into a cooler, keep refrigerator and freezer doors shut as much as possible.

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Benton, Kentucky

City Benton
County Marshall
State Kentucky (KY)
Country United States
Zip Codes 42025