Power Outage in Cave Springs, AR

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Power outage in Cave Springs, Arkansas? Contact your local utility company.

Carroll Electric Cooperative Corporation
Report an Outage
(800) 432-9720 Report Online
View Outage Map
Outage Map
Southwestern Electric Power Company
Report an Outage
(888) 216-3523 Report Online
View Outage Map
Outage Map
Ozarks Electric Cooperative
Report an Outage
(800) 521-6144 Report Online
View Outage Map
Outage Map
Bentonville Electrical Utility Department�
Report an Outage
(800) 286-1262
Pacific Power
Report an Outage
(877) 508-5088 Report Online
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Outage Map

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Our power is out

Emir phillips | September 16, 2020  

I am so disappointed that my power is out. I was playing xbox, and was in the middle of an important game of madden. You guys really just like to cross the line and act in imprudent manners, therefore I demand a thorough, and fair investigation. We demand answers, and I demand answers into the matters of the power outage. Even if power is to be restored, we might have to conduct a response to the events, pending the investigation shows such actions should be taken.

LaMichael D’Mcoksukare | January 10, 2020  

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LiNeko8815's avatar

This power outage shit is pissing me tfuccccck OFF

@LiNeko8815 | 03:25 AM - 18 Feb 2020

Power Outage FAQs

What is Power Outage?

Power outage (also called a power cut, a power blackout, power failure or a blackout) is a short-term or a long-term loss of the electric power to a particular area.

What Causes Power Outages?

  • Severe weather (high winds, lightning, winter storms, heat waves, rain or flooding can cause damage to power lines or equipment);
  • Other damage to electric transmission lines (vehicle accidents, trees, and animals can cause damage to power lines or equipment);
  • Repairing, maintenance or upgrades on power lines and equipment.

What are the Top Outage Safety Tips?

  • Stay away from the downed power lines, park vehicles in protected areas;
  • Unplug appliances and electronics, limit cell phone use to conserve battery life;
  • Use portable generators outdoors only, well away from open windows and doors;
  • Pack perishable foods into a cooler, keep refrigerator and freezer doors shut as much as possible.

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Cave Springs, Arkansas

City Cave Springs
County Benton
State Arkansas (AR)
Country United States
Zip Codes 72718