City of Frankfort - (IN)

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To report an outage by phone, call (765) 659-3362. Check other reporting options on the official website.

Outage Map

To find out if there are power outages in your area, view City of Frankfort - (IN) outage map in here.

City of Frankfort - (IN) Problems

City Most Recent Complaint
Frankfort, Indiana July 10, 2019
Thorntown, Indiana July 10, 2019

Service Availability

State Customers
Indiana 9240

City of Frankfort - (IN) electricity service available in 1 state. Source: 2017 form EIA-861 and form EIA-861S files.

Utility Information
Name City of Frankfort - (IN)
Number 6707
Ownership Municipal
Phone (765) 659-3362
Website Website