Power Outage in Dallas, TX

General Information
Country United States
State Texas (TX)
County Dallas
City Dallas
Zip Codes 0

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SunEdison LLC 1

Ambit Energy Holdings, LLC 1

TXU Energy Retail Co, LLC 1

User Comments

Powers been out in Dallas OR for 4 hours now. With a fix time that keeps being pushed back several more hours
Brian Baker
Power outage for 6 hours now. 3310 Cole Avenue (Post Cole’s Corner) Dallas, TX 75204
Another guy
Power out at Bruton and Buckner 75217. Been out a good 30 minutes now
A guy
Power out at Churchill and Coit. 75251. It’s been out for about 15 minutes.
Gilbert Khoury
Have been out of power for 12 hrs
Power out winding creek court about 1hour now
R johnson
Power Outage 3913 Gannon Lane Dallas Texas 75247
Petro On
Power Out 1205 Brush Creek Dr 75081
NAthan Roberts
Power out 830 Thomasson Drive 75208

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Reports from Dallas, TX

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06:40 PM - 15 May 2020

oh cool a power outage
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11:22 AM - 28 Nov 2019

@grrranto Power outage
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06:22 PM - 15 Oct 2019

@DGPurser Power outages
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07:27 PM - 1 Aug 2019

Yay power outage :D
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06:53 PM - 29 Jun 2019

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