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Jersey Central Power and Light
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Dominion Energy
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Niagara Mohawk Power
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Massachusetts Electric
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Friday’s credit card outage shows how vulnerable NJ is

Ever feel we are sometimes too reliant on technology?

Jun 13, 2022

NJ congressman demands answers from JCP&L about multiple outages

Congressman Frank Pallone has sent a letter to the president of Jersey Central Power & Light, demanding that the utility offer detailed explanations about outages that affected his district on Jan. 17, 21 and 26.

Jan 28, 2022

Nor'easter impact on NJ — heavy rain, some power outages loading... loading...

Meteorologist Dan Zarrow said the worst of the storm is behind us although there will be one more surge of rain and gusty winds on Tuesday night.

Oct 26, 2021

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When will the power be back on for Hampton rd 2 elderly people live their along with 2 small children and 2 young adults I know alabama power is working hard to get it turned back on

Kearley | September 17, 2020  

when will it b on

Mackey bosarge | September 16, 2020  

our area did have power since last night 9/15/20 our food damaged . How long will you taking care We have the children can’t breathe

Bounrath Bouasanouvong | September 16, 2020  

Need power here in Irvington, AL. Been out since 2 last night

John doe | September 16, 2020  

No Power since 8/5/20 at 389 21ST STREET, IRVINGTON, NJ 07111

Tonya Forrester | August 07, 2020  

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Power Outage FAQs

What is Power Outage?

Power outage (also called a power cut, a power blackout, power failure or a blackout) is a short-term or a long-term loss of the electric power to a particular area.

What Causes Power Outages?

  • Severe weather (high winds, lightning, winter storms, heat waves, rain or flooding can cause damage to power lines or equipment);
  • Other damage to electric transmission lines (vehicle accidents, trees, and animals can cause damage to power lines or equipment);
  • Repairing, maintenance or upgrades on power lines and equipment.

What are the Top Outage Safety Tips?

  • Stay away from the downed power lines, park vehicles in protected areas;
  • Unplug appliances and electronics, limit cell phone use to conserve battery life;
  • Use portable generators outdoors only, well away from open windows and doors;
  • Pack perishable foods into a cooler, keep refrigerator and freezer doors shut as much as possible.

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Irvington, New Jersey

City Irvington
County Essex
State New Jersey (NJ)
Country United States
Zip Codes 07111

Irvington Map