Power Outage in Las Vegas, NV

General Information
Country United States
State Nevada (NV)
County Clark
City Las Vegas
Zip Codes 0

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SolarCity Corporation 2

User Comments

Ramdeo jaipersad.
No power in area code 89119 for thr past hour
No air conditioner working and some plugs are off
Erica Seaberry
The power was out last week 6/4 89121 for 3 1/2 hours. Now 6/9, 6/10 It keeps shutting down and coming back up within minutes. What is the deal?
Victor Lockwood
We had a power outage at 8pm last night. It was out till after 11pm. 89123 and other areas in that same neighborhood. No mention of it at all?
MaiKhanh Ducrocq
I live in 89123 area and the zip code is not listed. Power just went out like 5 minutes ago.
No power 89135. Approx 0600
Marilisa Barros
89135 had power outage today not in report
Denise Wilcox owner at Duck Creek Village, Las Vegas
Power outage
89123 no power
kay lavoie
i live in 89130 zip code no power but my zip code is not on your outage report

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Reports from Las Vegas, NV

AskCece1's avatar
06:22 AM - 31 Jul 2020

? https://t.co/D2nud3fRX8
chupasLV's avatar
11:28 PM - 27 Jul 2020

power outage
aryaaaassss's avatar
08:26 PM - 13 Jul 2020

Power outage until 2am ?
DreaVegas's avatar
07:55 PM - 12 Jul 2020

WTFFF a power outage ???
joshpacheco__'s avatar
05:56 AM - 15 Jun 2020

Power outage
snipermike30's avatar
11:32 AM - 28 Nov 2019

Power Outage ?
_undress_'s avatar
01:44 PM - 25 Nov 2019

Hello power outage.
dianerocks52's avatar
10:39 AM - 26 Oct 2019

tokenbrotha's avatar
08:04 PM - 2 Aug 2019

anyNode's avatar
11:43 AM - 8 Jun 2019

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