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Lubbock Power Outages Caused by Weather


August 28, 2022 - Thunderstorm Wind

A thunderstorm that moved over central Lubbock County produced widespread damage across the central portion of the city of Lubbock. Multiple power poles were snapped along with downed trees and fences. At the same time, a wind gust to 58 mph was reported by a Texas Tech University West Texas mesonet site near New Deal at 1635 CST.

Lubbock - New Deal
May 16, 2022 - Thunderstorm Wind

A Texas Tech University West Texas mesonet site near Slaton measured severe wind gusts from 1930 CST through 1935 CST. A peak gust of 68 mph was measured at 1933 CST. Additionally, the Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport measured a gust to 58 mph at 1931 CST. The emergency manager for the city of Lubbock also reported downed power poles in the 5700 block of third street in Lubbock.

Slaton - (Lbb)Lubbock Intl Ar
July 30, 2020 - Thunderstorm Wind

Local broadcast media relayed a picture of a power pole blown over near the intersection of 34th Street and South Loop 289.

Doud - Doud
July 9, 2020 - Thunderstorm Wind

A thunderstorm formed to the southwest of Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport and moved east bringing damaging winds gusts to the north part of the city of Lubbock. The winds toppled a brick wall of an old roofless structure, downed power poles, and caused considerable property damage at Joyland Amusement Park. In addition, a few people were injured by falling tree limbs at Joyland.

Lubbock - Lubbock
May 23, 2020 - Thunderstorm Wind

Scattered severe thunderstorms developed across Lubbock County on an outflow boundary. One of these storms produced a swath of severe winds from 1606 CST beginning at KCBD-TV studios. The swath of severe winds ended at the ASOS at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport at 1618 CST. The initial wind gust at KCBD-TV was recorded at 62 mph while the ASOS recorded a 61 mph wind gust. Furthermore, the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office reported several power poles down along 98th Street from Indiana Avenue to US Highway 84 south of the initial wind report at KCBD-TV. The contract weather observer at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport reported quarter size hail at the same time of the severe wind gust.

Lubbock Airpark - (Lbb)Lubbock Intl Ar


March 16, 2023

A powerful late winter cold front plowed through the region from late in the morning on the 16th into the afternoon hours. Strong winds were observed both ahead of the front and in the post frontal airmass. Texas Tech University West Texas mesonet sites near Amherst (Lamb County) measured a wind gust to 58 mph while a site near Morton (Cochran County) measured a wind gust to 60 mph. The Automated Surface Observing System at Lubbock International Airport (Lubbock County) measured a wind gust of 60 mph.

February 26, 2023

The second powerful winter storm to affect the region in less than a week brought another round of highly impactful weather to West Texas. The powerful winter storm system accelerated through the Four Corners and emerged across the central and southern High Plains on the afternoon of the 26th. As this occurred, rapidly deepening low pressure, in combination with a dryline and Pacific cold front, increased the wind dramatically across the entire region. Initially gusty southerly winds not only transported moisture northward, but began to loft enough blowing dust to turn the sky an orange/brown color by mid-afternoon. As the Pacific front raced out of eastern New Mexico, the wind and dust levels increased and became dangerous. Widespread severe wind gusts lofted copious amounts of dust, dropping the visibility to and below one quarter mile in most locations on the Caprock through the late afternoon hours. The thick dust made travel difficult to impossible and contributed to several vehicle accidents around the region. Severe winds also brought down numerous utility poles across the South Plains. When the cold front overtook the dryline, widespread showers and thunderstorms filled in over the southeast Texas Panhandle into the Rolling Plains. The storms did provide a little rain in spots as a quick-moving line raced eastward, but they also enhanced the wind and a few locations even experienced hail, as large as golf balls in Memphis (Hall County). Wind gusts of 60 to 80 mph were common with the strongest thunderstorm activity, but the West Texas Mesonet site one mile northeast of Memphis (Hall County) recorded an impressive 114 mph gust. Thankfully, this magnitude of wind appeared quite localized, though the town of Memphis did have some damage, both from the wind and wind-driven hail. Several windows were broken, roofs were damaged and carports were destroyed. Behind the dryline, the intense winds and warm and much drier air created a period of critical fire weather. These conditions supported the ignition and spread of several wildfires on the South Plains, including one west of Levelland (Hockley County) and a second in northwest Lamb County.||High wind gust reports from the Texas Tech University West Texas mesonet are listed below:||84 mph at Paducah (Cottle County),|82 mph at Hart (Castro County),|82 mph at White River Lake (Crosby County),|79 mph at Friona (Parmer County),|78 mph at Amherst (Lamb County),|78 mph at Plainview (Hale County),|77 mph at Dimmitt (Castro County),|77 mph at McAdoo (Dickens County),|77 mph at Lubbock 4E (Lubbock County),|77 mph at Anton (Hockley County),|76 mph at Roaring Springs (Motley County),|75 mph at Olton (Lamb County),|75 mph at Floydada (Floyd County),|75 mph at Levelland (Hockley County),|75 mph at Graham (Garza County),|75 mph at Plains (Yoakum County),|75 mph at Denver City (Yoakum County),|74 mph at Aiken (Hale County),|74 mph at Lesley (Hall County),|73 mph at Tulia (Swisher County),|73 mph at Silverton (Briscoe County),|73 mph at Ralls (Crosby County),|73 mph at Muleshoe (Bailey County),|73 mph at Earth (Lamb County),|72 mph at Northfield (Motley County),|72 mph at Vigo Park (Swisher County),|72 mph at Wolfforth (Lubbock County),|72 mph at Reese Center (Lubbock County),|72 mph at Abernathy (Hale County),|72 mph at Morton (Cochran County),|71 mph at Hackberry (Cottle County),|71 mph at Lubbock Texas Tech University (Lubbock County),|71 mph at Sundown (Cochran County),|71 mph at South Plains (Floyd County),|70 mph at Childress (Childress County),|70 mph at Lubbock 6SSW (Lubbock County),|70 mph at New Deal (Lubbock County),|69 mph at Happy (Swisher County),|69 mph at Post (Garza County),|69 mph at Caprock Canyons State Park (Briscoe County),|69 mph at Spur (Dickens County),|69 mph at Guthrie (King County),|68 mph at O'Donnell (Lynn County),|68 mph at Slaton (Lubbock County),|67 mph at Turkey (Hall County),|67 mph at Brownfield (Terry County),|64 mph at Tahoka (Lynn County),|64 mph at Lubbock 4SE (Lubbock County),|62 mph at Estelline (Hall County),|60 mph at New Home (Lynn County), and|58 mph at White River Lake (Garza County).||Maximum wind gusts from area ASOS and AWOS stations are listed below:||78 mph at Childress Municipal Airport (Childress County),|77 mph at Lubbock International Airport (Lubbock County),|75 mph at Levelland Municipal Airport (Hockley County), and|63 mph at Hale County Airport (Hale County).

February 14, 2023

A strong storm rapidly ejected into the central High Plains early on the 14th. This caused dry and intense sinking westerly flow around the south side of the system to sweep across the southern High Plains during the morning. Winds quickly increased in the morning, peaking between mid-morning and midday before gradually decreasing through the afternoon hours. Nearly all of West Texas was inflicted by wind gusts in excess of 50 mph. Peak wind gusts of 60 to 70 mph were common across the southern Texas Panhandle and adjacent northern and central South and Rolling Plains. The intense winds did cause areas of property damage, including rolling multiple semi-tractor trailers off Interstate-27 south of Tulia (Swisher County), where the cross-wind was maximized. In Lubbock County, several power poles were blown over. The wind also lofted copious amounts of dust, which further contributed to travel difficulties.||Maximum wind gusts from the Texas Tech University West Texas mesonet are listed below:||72 mph at Silverton (Briscoe County),|72 mph at Turkey (Hall County),|72 mph at Roaring Springs (Motley County),|71 mph at Caprock Canyons State Park (Briscoe County),|71 mph at Amherst (Lamb County),|69 mph at Hart (Castro County),|68 mph at Tulia (Swisher County),|68 mph at Floydada (Floyd County),|68 mph at Northfield (Motley County),|67 mph at Aiken (Hale County),|67 mph at Abernathy (Hale County),|66 mph at Dimmitt (Castro County),|66 mph at Olton (Lamb County),|65 mph at New Deal (Lubbock County),|65 mph at Graham (Garza County),|64 mph at Plainview (Hale County),|64 mph at Post (Garza County),|64 mph at Muleshoe (Bailey County),|64 mph at Anton (Hockley County),|63 mph at Friona (Parmer County),|63 mph at Earth (Lamb County),|63 mph at Slaton (Lubbock County),|63 mph at Vigo Park (Swisher County),|63 mph at McAdoo (Dickens County),|63 mph at Childress (Childress County),|62 mph at Reese Center (Lubbock County),|61 mph at Ralls (Crosby County),|60 mph at White River Lake (Crosby County),|60 mph at Aspermont (Stonewall County),|60 mph at Happy (Swisher County),|60 mph at Paducah (Cottle County),|59 mph at Memphis (Hall County),|59 mph at Morton (Cochran County),|59 mph at South Plains (Floyd County),|59 mph at Levelland (Hockley County),|59 mph at Texas Tech University (Lubbock County),|59 mph at Guthrie (King County),|59 mph at Plains (Yoakum County),|58 mph at Lesley (Hall County),|58 mph at Hackberry (Cottle County),|58 mph at Smyer (Hockley County), and|58 mph at Wolfforth (Lubbock County).||Maximum sustained winds from the Texas Tech University West Texas mesonet are listed below:||47 mph at New Home (Lynn County),|46 mph at Tahoka (Lynn County),|44 mph at O'Donnell (Lynn County), and|44 mph at Brownfield (Terry County).||Maximum wind gusts from area ASOS and AWOS stations are listed below:||69 mph at Lubbock International Airport (Lubbock County),|64 mph at Childress Municipal Airport (Childress County),|62 mph at Hale County Airport (Hale County), and|62 mph at Levelland Municipal Airport (Hockley County).

August 28, 2022

On the afternoon of the 28th, scattered thunderstorms developed over the central and southwestern South Plains within a low level convergence zone from a surface pressure trough. Hot temperatures and well above average moisture levels fueled the development of convection as it slowly moved to the east. These slow moving storms brought severe wind gusts and widespread flooding to parts of Lubbock and Lynn Counties. These severe winds caused damage within the cities of Lubbock (Lubbock County) and Tahoka (Lynn County), primarily snapping power poles and downing trees and fences. The slow moving nature of the storms combined with the abundant moisture in the atmosphere allowed for extremely heavy rainfall over Lynn County. Several underpasses were flooded along US Highway 87 along with reports of water over the roadway between Tahoka and the Lubbock/Lynn County line.

May 23, 2022

Returning Gulf of Mexico moisture into the South Plains of West Texas fueled widespread severe thunderstorm development across the region on the afternoon and evening of the 23rd. Moderate to strong instability developed across the western South Plains and eastern New Mexico Monday afternoon and evening as the improving low-level moisture and temperatures warming into the 80s developed beneath an approaching upper level storm system. Relatively strong wind shear caused several of the thunderstorms to rotate as they moved into the western South Plains and western Texas Panhandle. A cluster of thunderstorms moving northeast out of southeastern New Mexico interacted with an outflow boundary moving northwest out of the Permian Basin. This caused a storm on the southern flank of the cluster to begin to rotate and become supercellular and take a more easterly, then southeasterly track. As the storm intensified, it became cyclic in behavior and its forward speed varied from about 5 mph to 20 mph. An NWS storm survey revealed that this supercell produced nine separate tornadoes over an approximately two hour period. The tornadoes occurred over rural areas which limited the overall impacts. Spotty damage did occur including two oil pumpjacks that were toppled by the intense tornadic winds. This damage, along with snapped power poles and flipped center pivots earned a peak damage rating of EF-2. The thunderstorms eventually evolved into a larger complex that brought widespread rain to most of the South Plains, Rolling Plains, and southern Texas Panhandle. The heaviest rain was associated with the slow-moving tornadic storm and was concentrated over Bailey County, where three to as much as seven inches of rain fell.


Xcel Energy repairs to interrupt service in Amherst Share on Facebook Email This Link Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on LinkedIn

Xcel Energy will upgrade and reroute the electricity transmission line that supplies power to Amherst on Saturday, resulting in a power outage to 368 customers within the city limits between 8 a.m. and noon.

Nov 10, 2022

Students should prepare for cold weather | Opinions | dailytoreador.com

As a native west Texan, one thing is for sure: the weather is unpredictable. For a first-year student, the winter weather may not seem as dangerous, however, Lubbock is notorious

Oct 6, 2022

A Reflection On the Lubbock Fire Next Door

You probably heard about the fire that happened at Boulder Creek. What you may not know is that the apartment complex is directly next to the radio station.

Oct 4, 2022

Hurricane Ian: Aid arrives to help Lakeland Electric restore power

Mutual aid crews began arriving in Lakeland Thursday prepared to get to the work of restoring power to Lakeland Electric customers.

Sep 29, 2022

Lubbock Power & Light Crews to Help Florida After Hurricane Ian

Lubbock Power and Light is sending crewmembers to Lakeland, Florida to help in recovery efforts once hurricane Ian has passed.

Sep 27, 2022

Thousands without power, crane blamed for large outage | KLBK | KAMC | EverythingLubbock.com Open Navigation Close Navigation

LUBBOCK, Texas — Thousands of homes and business were without power Monday afternoon in the greater Lubbock area. Shortly after 5:00 p.m., most of the outages were cleared up. “A crane made contact with an Xcel Energy line northeast of LP&L’s service territory,” Lubbock Power and Light said after the outage began. “The effect cascaded […]

Sep 19, 2022

Lubbock's Skate Ranch Introduces Adult Skate Nights

Lubbock needs and wants an adult option that isn't a bar, and I'm so proud that my old-school hang is the one providing it.

Sep 15, 2022

5 Ways to Not Get Ripped Off on Concert Tickets in Lubbock loading...

Please read this. It could save you headaches and money.

Sep 12, 2022

Austin airport power outage, causes Lubbock flight cancellation | KLBK | KAMC | EverythingLubbock.com Open Navigation Close Navigation

AUSTIN, Texas — Early Wednesday morning, concerned travelers sat in a pitch dark terminal, awaiting an end to a power outage with no estimated time of arrival for restoration at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) on Wednesday. One Lubbock flight, set to leave at 6:45 a.m. from Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport and arrive at AUS […]

Sep 7, 2022

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I have been seeing over voltage issues for the past 2 days, and there is no one to contact. The issue is at 7702 slide road Lubbock TX 79424. Can anyone assist in this issue

Superior Health Plan - Lubbock TX | December 08, 2021  

I have been seeing over voltage issues for the past 2 days, and there is no one to contact. The issue is at 7702 slide road Lubbock TX 79424. Can anyone assist in this issue

Superior Health Plan - Lubbock TX | December 08, 2021  

Power outage in North Lubbock. LP&L closed so called the non-emergency police number. Several outages have occurred. Unbelievable that LP&L doesn't have an after-hours hotline for these situations.

D | April 02, 2020  

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