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Philadelphia Power Outages Caused by Weather


July 21, 2020 - Thunderstorm Wind

Several trees and power lines were reported down. Additionally, a metal carport was lofted over a home off Allison Town Road which is nearby.

Philadelphia - Philadelphia
April 10, 2009 - Thunderstorm Wind

Law enforcement personnel reported one tree and powerlines downed by thunderstorm winds in the Philadelphia area.

Philadelphia - Philadelphia


Tropical Storm Nicole live updates: Almost 330,000 customers without power in Florida – Deltaplex News

(NEW YORK) — Hurricane Nicole made landfall along Florida’s east coast early Thursday as a Category 1 storm. At least 45 of Florida’s 67 counties are under a state of emergency due to Nicole. Nicole formed as a subtropical storm in the southwestern Atlantic Ocean […]

Nov 10, 2022

A Grip on Sports: Before the storm of college football hits today, we were overwhelmed a bit by the wind | The Spokesman-Review Arrow-right Camera The Spokesman-Review Newspaper The Spokesman-Review Newspaper The Spokesman-Review The Spokesman-Review Newspaper

A GRIP ON SPORTS • We didn’t hear a “timber.” But even if the squirrel that lives in our maple tree had screamed it at the top of its lungs, the wind was howling so intently at 1:15 in the morning, we wouldn’t have heard it. We did, however, hear the big limb crash into the house.

Nov 5, 2022

Thousands of NJ residents lose power in Hunterdon, Somerset

Another 2,500 customers are out in Somerset County.

Oct 31, 2022

Morris County power line snap causes 60,000 to lose electricity, snarls Route 80 traffic

The power outages affected thousands in Morris and Sussex counties after the line collapsed across a section of Route 80 West in Jefferson.

Aug 9, 2022

Unprecedented Heat And Stressed Grids Make Dangerous Power Outages Increasingly Likely | HuffPost Impact

Power grids are dangerously strained, and resulting blackouts could take a deadly toll.

Jul 26, 2022

US Extreme Heat: Heat in the Pacific Northwest will intensify this week while the Northeast is expected to see relief | CNN Close icon

After searing heat suffocated large swaths of the US this weekend, the next few days are expected to bring more moderate temperatures to areas of the Northeast, while scorching weather in the Pacific Northwest will intensify.

Jul 25, 2022

Ohio power outage: The group that told AEP to cut power Open Navigation Close Navigation Close Modal

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – NBC4 is working to get answers after widespread power outages disrupted hundreds of thousands of lives in central Ohio on the hottest days of 2022. AEP Ohio, the company that supplies power to much of central Ohio, has said the outage was planned. However, the decision to cut power in certain […]

Jun 17, 2022

MLGW asks community to weigh in on possible switch from TVA Share on Facebook Email This Link Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on LinkedIn

While MLGW says it does not do power cutoffs during this extreme heat, of course, the grid isn’t immune to hitting it.

Jun 15, 2022

MLGW unclear if robberies of tree trimming crews made power outages worse Share on Facebook Email This Link Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on LinkedIn

MLGW leaders say they don’t know whether more than a dozen robberies of tree-trimming crews last year made the current power outage, which has lingered for a week, any worse.

Feb 9, 2022

Over 300,000 people without power amid massive winter storm - CBS News

Tennessee is reporting the most outages, with more than 100,000 Memphis residents in the dark.

Feb 4, 2022

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Occasional Power Outage in 19144

CLovesPhilly | September 27, 2020  

What happened? No lights, no nothing!

Cyndy in Old City | June 25, 2020  

When is the power coming back on? And what’s the problem?

Orlando Melendez | June 03, 2020  

How long is the power going to be out in 19144

Bee | April 30, 2020  

My boyfriend and I are on oxygen machines and the power went off in the middle of us using oxygen how long do you think this is a big

Kim Webb | April 09, 2020  

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Power Outage FAQs

What is Power Outage?

Power outage (also called a power cut, a power blackout, power failure or a blackout) is a short-term or a long-term loss of the electric power to a particular area.

What Causes Power Outages?

  • Severe weather (high winds, lightning, winter storms, heat waves, rain or flooding can cause damage to power lines or equipment);
  • Other damage to electric transmission lines (vehicle accidents, trees, and animals can cause damage to power lines or equipment);
  • Repairing, maintenance or upgrades on power lines and equipment.

What are the Top Outage Safety Tips?

  • Stay away from the downed power lines, park vehicles in protected areas;
  • Unplug appliances and electronics, limit cell phone use to conserve battery life;
  • Use portable generators outdoors only, well away from open windows and doors;
  • Pack perishable foods into a cooler, keep refrigerator and freezer doors shut as much as possible.

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Philadelphia, Tennessee

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