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Port Charlotte Power Outages Caused by Weather


June 10, 2012 - Thunderstorm Wind

A county emergency management damage survey found a 0.2 mile wide damage path that extended for 4 miles, with all the damage blown down in the same direction, to the north northwest. Several trees were uprooted and power poles knocked down. A mobile home sustained minor roof damage, and the roof of a shed was blown 150 feet away. A central pivot irrigation rig was also twisted and damaged by the wind.

Bermont - Bermont
August 11, 2007 - Tornado

A brief tornado touchdown was reported by law enforcement in the Deep Creek subdivision. The tornado caused minor damage to trees, power lines, and vehicles.

Port Charlotte - Port Charlotte
June 29, 2003 - Tornado

A single rotating thunderstorm moved north through Charlotte Harbor and spawned a brief tornado in the city of Charlotte Harbor. Damage consisted mostly of downed trees and power lines. However, a gas station awning was blown down and a roof was damaged at a blood bank under construction. The damage was limited to areas where Kingsway, Edgewater, and Harborview cross U.S. Highway 41.

Charlotte Harbor - Charlotte Harbor
June 11, 2002 - Tornado

The tornado started out as a waterspout over Charlotte Bay and moved onshore. Damage survey showed tornado was in an area of mostly vacant lots with numerous dead pine trees killed by previous wild fire. Numerous trees were down and a number of nearby power lines were broken or shorted out by airborne debris, but the closest home was outside the area of tornadic wind and no structure damage was reported.

Port Charlotte - Port Charlotte
June 26, 2001 - Tornado

The public reported, through Charlotte county emergency management, that a small waterspout moved onshore and downed two power poles and toppled a large tree onto the roof of a home, along the 4500 block of Melbourne Street in Charlotte Harbor, before it lifted and dissipated.

Charlotte Harbor - Charlotte Harbor


October 28, 2006

Thunderstorm wind gusts caused minor roof and siding damage to several homes in the Riverside Drive and Cleveland areas. The winds also downed several tree limbs that downed power lines.


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Health Officials Issue Blue-Green Algae Bloom Alert for Moody Lake | Florida Department of Health in Pasco

Pasco County, FL - The Florida Department of Health in Pasco County has issued a Health Alert for the presence of harmful blue-green algal toxins in Moody Lake. This is in response to a water sample taken on November 2, 2022. The public should exercise caution in and around Moody Lake.

Nov 7, 2022

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Fresenius Kidney Care 2020 Tamiami Trail Port Charlotte FL 33948 we have had 3 power surges since 5am. 12/24/2021

Megan Adkins | December 24, 2021  

Power out at 5396 Chard ter. Port Charlotte Florida 33981

Jon Houghten | September 24, 2018  

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Power Outage FAQs

What is Power Outage?

Power outage (also called a power cut, a power blackout, power failure or a blackout) is a short-term or a long-term loss of the electric power to a particular area.

What Causes Power Outages?

  • Severe weather (high winds, lightning, winter storms, heat waves, rain or flooding can cause damage to power lines or equipment);
  • Other damage to electric transmission lines (vehicle accidents, trees, and animals can cause damage to power lines or equipment);
  • Repairing, maintenance or upgrades on power lines and equipment.

What are the Top Outage Safety Tips?

  • Stay away from the downed power lines, park vehicles in protected areas;
  • Unplug appliances and electronics, limit cell phone use to conserve battery life;
  • Use portable generators outdoors only, well away from open windows and doors;
  • Pack perishable foods into a cooler, keep refrigerator and freezer doors shut as much as possible.

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