Powell Valley Electric Coop

Outage Map

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Powell Valley Electric Coop Problems

City Most Recent Complaint
New Tazewell, Tennessee November 28, 2019
Sharps Chapel, Tennessee October 31, 2019
Harrogate, Tennessee October 31, 2019
Maynardville, Tennessee October 31, 2019
Tazewell, Tennessee October 26, 2019
Cumberland Gap, Tennessee August 13, 2019
Thorn Hill, Tennessee June 29, 2019
Sneedville, Tennessee June 29, 2019
Dryden, Virginia June 08, 2019
Pennington Gap, Virginia June 02, 2019

Service Availability

State Customers
Tennessee 23613
Virginia 8155

Powell Valley Electric Coop electricity service available in 2 states. Source: 2017 form EIA-861 and form EIA-861S files.

Utility Information
Name Powell Valley Electric Coop
Number 15293
Ownership Cooperative
Website Website