Power Outage in Salt Lake City, UT

Did you lose power?

How to Report Power Outage

Power outage in Salt Lake City, Utah? Contact your local utility company.

Pacific Power
Report an Outage
(877) 508-5088 Report Online
View Outage Map
Outage Map
City of Murray Power Department
Report an Outage
(801) 264-9669
Western Area Power Administration
Report an Outage
(720) 962-7000

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We live in Holiday and have had continual rolling brownouts for the last 2 days. . If only we had windmills, sure that would fix everything with the high winds we continually have. Future looks bleak ever since we we lost our energy independence , thanks quid-pro-jo.

dick warner | July 08, 2021  

Powers been out since 5 AM Monday morning on 1800 East 3000 S. Lost all the Food in our fridge And freezers, been eating out for over four days breakfast lunch and dinner it’s getting costly. I have several fish tanks my fish are starting to die this is ending up being a very very costly power outage And with the corona I have not been back to work in months and can’t afford All of this. Anybody know If there’s gonna be any type of assistance and if so when is it coming? And why are the four lines in my neighborhood still on the streets

Anderson | September 11, 2020  

Power still out In Rose Park 800 block. We’ve lost all our fridge food. And it is cold at night. Not able to cook food indoor, but thankful for BBQs. Wonder if any assistance is going to take place for us financially?

Shannon | September 10, 2020  

Power has been yesterday @ 8am and still no power... it’s freezing... 1100 E 4200 So

Sandra Taylor | September 09, 2020  

Is outage in 3798 s 700 e in Millcreek Utah over?

Mandana Sarvghad | September 08, 2020  

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