Power Outage in Los Angeles, CA

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Power outage in Los Angeles, California? Contact your local utility company.

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(800) 342-5397 Report Online
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Outage Map
Southern California Edison
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(800) 611-1911 Report Online
Pasadena Department of Water and Power
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(626) 744-4673 Report Online
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Glendale Water and Power
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(818) 548-2011
Burbank Water and Power
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(818) 238-3700
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We have only partial power in 91335. Started around 4 or 5 am. Only big appliances are powered.

Lola Griffin | January 29, 2022  

When will power be restored in 90815 area?

Alvin Toyofuku | July 18, 2021  

Incident happened around 8:30pm Fri nov 6th Lasted until 12:30am ish ; believe location of power outage was Benner ave and ave 60 although I understand 3000 residences where affected; the following evening there was a spectrum truck w a pole man adjusting more wires

Anon | November 08, 2020  

90042 power restored after 2 “transformers” blew out - reasons could be lightning , a Mylar balloon, not sure ; saw lightening w no sound in between “two titanic ship horn sounds” Nothing I’ve ever heard before but people say it sounded like a transformer going out ;

Anon | November 08, 2020  

When will La 90035 get the power back?

Phil | November 08, 2020  

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These scheduled Inglewood power outages is killin me

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