Arkansas Valley Elec Coop Corp

Report an Outage

To report an outage by phone, call 1-800-468-2176. Check other reporting options on the official website.

Outage Map

To find out if there are power outages in your area, view Arkansas Valley Elec Coop Corp outage map in here.

Arkansas Valley Elec Coop Corp Problems

City Most Recent Complaint
Sylmar, California June 15, 2020
Charleston, Arkansas June 08, 2020
Dover, Arkansas June 02, 2020
Mountainburg, Arkansas May 04, 2020
Ozark, Arkansas April 22, 2020
Lavaca, Arkansas January 13, 2020
Clarksville, Arkansas January 10, 2020
Alma, Arkansas November 15, 2019
Greenwood, Arkansas November 12, 2019
Waldron, Arkansas October 27, 2019
Knoxville, Arkansas October 21, 2019
Van Buren, Arkansas May 13, 2019
Delaware, Arkansas May 01, 2019

Service Availability

State Customers
Arkansas 54743
Oklahoma 4598

Arkansas Valley Elec Coop Corp electricity service available in 2 states. Source: 2017 form EIA-861 and form EIA-861S files.

Utility Information
Name Arkansas Valley Elec Coop Corp
Number 817
Ownership Cooperative
Phone 1-800-468-2176
Twitter MyEnergyAVECC
Facebook Facebook
Website Website